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Hi from Justbiz!


Most people never read this page, but you have! Good on you! and Thank you.


Justbiz is a South African Small Business business directory which features a Paid listing option only.

We do a complimentary, but very simple entry for free. This is nothing compared to a paid Listing.

Nearly everything that you can do on a website you can do on Justbiz for just R249 per annum.

Most websites cost 3k to 5k to set up and hosting and other fees run to hundreds per month.

The paid listing is a very affordable R249 per annum payable via EFT or PayPal or to our mobile number 082 366 6344




By using this Directory you agree that you do so at your own risk.
So, ‘buyer beware’ as the saying goes!


No information offered in this directory is verified by the owners, administrators or any other person associated with JUSTBIZ.


This directory is only for the use of SMALL BUSINESSES of all persuasions ACCEPT ABORTION CLINICS NOT REGISTERED WITH THE  S.A .MEDICAL COUNCIL , SSD and embalming fluid AND JUSTBIZ reserves the right to withdraw any listing at its sole discretion without giving any reason whatsoever.


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